Sports Injuries


This is one of the commonest injuries. Sprains need to be treated by the RICE regime initially:

Rest Ice Compression (bandage) Elevation

Early movement of the ankle is advisable unless severe pain is present. If weight can be taken then walking is allowed but crutches may be required.
An ankle support stirrup can be valuable in providing stability and aiding early return to function. In general a sprained ankle should heal in about 10-12 weeks. If pain, swelling, giving way or simply a loss of confidence on the joint persists then commonly another problem has occurred. This can be damage to the joint surface itself, tendon injury or scarring within the joint causing impingement. If these problems occur then early assessment is advised. An MRI scan may help in the diagnosis and a simple keyhole operation called arthroscopy can cure many of the problems quickly and allow a speedy return to activity.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Two Weeks After Surgery

Two Weeks After Surgery

This is an operation which uses keyhole surgery to look inside the ankle joint. Two 5mm incisions are used one on either side of the joint (occasionally a third incision is used at the back of the joint). The incisions are closed with stitches which are removed 2 weeks after surgery. The scars usually heal without problem and are inconspicuous.

During the operation a telescope is inserted through the holes made by the incisions (portals). The joint surface and structures inside the joint can be visualised and an exact diagnosis can be made or confirmed. Special instruments are used inside the joint to remove abnormal tissue such as scar tissue and thickenings of the lining of the joint as well asĀ  to treat problems affecting the joint surface.

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