Tarsal coalition excision

Pre-operative information link

Hospital stay

  • You will stay in hospital for 1 night


  • Gauze dressings under cast


  • A full cast is applied in theatre
  • It will be removed after 2 weeks

Weight bearing status

  • You can fully weight bear, although the foot will be sore for much of the 1st week

Time off school

  • Between 1 & 2 weeks may be needed off school

General advice

  • A physiotherapist will help you to use crutches to help you walk
  • The cast is removed at 2 weeks post op and then physiotherapy must begin to aid regaining the motion in the foot joints and especially the joint that has been freed by releasing the coalition
  • The foot will be sore but most patients are very comfortable and can increasingly move the foot joints over a few weeks
  • The time scale to recover is over a 6-12 week period after surgery but further slower improvement can be expected during the fist year
  • Swimming and cycling are good exercises to get going after the operation
  • Rarely recurrence of the join can occur but this risk is reduced by taking a sufficient amount of bone away at the operation and placing bone wax in the join at the end