Ankle Pain in Children

There are many causes of pain in the ankle and most are quite innocent and will settle without anything to worry about but Mr Uglow see lots of children who have persistent ankle pain and there are plenty of things that can be done to help them depending on the true cause.

Possible causes are as follows. Mr Uglow has extensive experience in dealing with these problems in children.

  • Foot deformity
    • Excessive flat feet
    • Cavus (or high arch) feet
  • Ankle sprains
  • Instability
    • Following a sprain the joint may become unstable and be a cause of pain
  • Ankle fracture
  • Accessory bones
    • These are extra little bones that develop and can rub and cause pain (on either side of the joint)
  • Impingement
    • Pain that persists after an injury may be due to impingement
    • Posterior impingement (behind the ankle) is common in dancers
  • OCD (osteochondral defect)
    • This is where a small area of the surface of the joint gets damaged
    • This needs specialist assessment and may need surgery
  • Synovitis
    • The lining of the joint can become inflamed and cause pain
  • Arthritis
    • A joint can become inflamed and be the start of a more generalised arthritis

So there are many possibilities to explain your child’s pain. The most important thing is to have an accurate diagnosis so make sure you are seen by a specialist who deals with Children’s Orthopaedics and not to waste any time on unnecessary treatment or in delaying an accurate diagnosis if something more serious is going on.