Children’s Orthopaedics

Mr Uglow is a leading specialist in the management of Children’s orthopaedic disorders. He is particularly a lower limb expert and subspecialises in the following:

  • Foot & ankle disorders
    • Deformity
    • Painful conditions
    • Injuries
    • OCD (Osteochondral defects)
  • Deformities and length differences in the lower limbs
  • Knee abnormalities
    • Patella instability
    • Deformity
    • Post traumatic bony problems
    • OCD (Osteochondral defects)
  • Hip disorders
    • Slipped epiphysis (SCFE or SUFE)
    • Perthes disease
    • DDH (hip dysplasia)
  • All paediatric trauma except spine and pelvic injury

Consultations are undertaken at the Spire Southampton Hospital for private patients and at The Southampton General Hospital for NHS patients. Surgery is performed in both hospitals depending on the age of the child and the complexity of the surgery proposed.

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