Clubfoot Treatment

ClubfootThe Ponseti method of serial casting is used in the initial treatment of children with this deformity.

Mr Uglow visited The University of Iowa in July 2003 to meet with Dr Ponseti and gain valuable experience in the technique. He won a travel award from The British Society for Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery (BSCOS) to assist him. He has been using the Ponseti method since 2001 and is one of the leading UK surgeons using the method. He is a member of the UK Clubfoot Consensus Group (UKCCG) and is a faculty member of the Biennial Manchester Clubfoot Course.

This is a deformity to the foot which occurs in 1in 1000 live births in this country. Treatment is best carried out soon after birth by a program of serial plaster casts.. This technique has been pioneered by an American surgeon called PONSETI. A cast is applied to the baby after gently stretching the foot and the procedure repeated weekly until the deformity has resolved.

Listen to a radio interview with BBC Radio Solent’s Katie Martin talking to Mr Uglow about the Ponseti treatment.

A series of casts                                Boots on a bar

Clubfoot Treatment