Many patients treated by Mr Uglow have taken the trouble to share their experience to help you understand the level of care and attention that you can expect to receive.  The majority of patients will  have little trouble but any surgery can be associated with some problems but it is how those problems are dealt with that can be so important in improving the outcome of treatment.

If you would like to leave feedback about your care by Mr Uglow please send an email to Carol.Barstow@spirehealthcare.com or alternatively please visit  the ‘I Want Great Care‘ site.

“I just wanted to email you to say thank you very much, both my husband and myself said what a very lovely man you are and how personable you were and it makes a refereshing change to see a consultant  like that.

It was nice how thorough you were and how  well you explained [the] problem to us and most of all how you put [our daughter] at ease as she was very anxious about coming to see you and your approach helped massively with that.

Can I also say your Secretary Carol  is one of the most helpful and nicest medical secretary’s I have dealt with.”

Personal Feedback, Oct 2015. Mr & Mrs LS

“At the end of February 2015 I had a right ankle subtalar fusion performed by Mr Michael Uglow and his very able team. The care, follow up appointments with Michael Uglow were excellent and very informative, at no time did I feel I was more than a phone call away if l needed advice on post operative apprehension. I had very professional and positive physiotherapy and feel that the operation was successful especially as I’m pain free around the ankle.
One piece of advice I would give to any patient following a subtalar fusion is to do exactly as advised by the surgeon in the rehabilitation process.”
Terry Smith, August 2015

“Mr Uglow, Thank you so much for all the support you gave us throughout the treatment. You made what could have felt like a difficult process very easy for us all and we still can’t quite believe how quickly the time went to get such a wonderful result. Throughout the process we felt almost like we were dealing with friends and we cannot thank you enough for all you and your team have done for us.”

Mr & Mrs K&R S, Following Ponseti casting for clubfeet, performed at UHS, 2015

“…since my operation on my foot I am delighted to say that your prediction was right. I am now playing golf and have no problems apart from a few minor aches on occasion. My heart felt thanks for all you did for me.”

Mr CW 2015

 “I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Uglow. He was highly professional and approachable at all times. He provided clear and concise information and I had complete confidence in his ability and the predicted outcome. Thank you Mr Uglow”

Mrs C Hammond, 2013 (Following ligament reconstruction surgery)

I was diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition which affected my feet and ankles severely, causing me to stand and walk on the extreme outer edges of both feet. It had worsened over the years to the extent that it became almost impossible to walk any distance or to stand for any length of time, despite wearing walking boots for support on a permanent basis for the last few years.

From the outset, Mr Uglow’s easy professional manner inspired my respect and full confidence in his ability to help me. He assessed my condition and recommended what he referred to as “major reconstructive surgery” which he then explained in some detail along with the issues I may face as a result of deciding to have or not to have the procedure. I cannot thank Mr Uglow enough. It may sound over dramatic to suggest this has been life changing but it genuinely has. I am now able to place both feet flat on the ground for the first time in my recollection. Mr Uglow’s skill and dedication to his profession has given me a very positive outcome that exceeded my own expectations.

I will sum up my feelings by simply saying – For years I had prayed for a miracle to help or cure my condition – then I met Mr Uglow, to whom I will forever owe a debt of gratitude.

Richard Edwards, Hampshire 2013


I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone suffering the kind of pain and difficulty I was experiencing. It is a most effective intervention which has profound effects in reducing the misery of log term pain.

 Caroline Beasley, Hampshire 2013 in reference to ECSWT (Shock wave therapy for heel pain)


Michael Uglow was recommended to me and it was apparent from our first meeting that he felt able to help me and indeed appeared to relish the challenge. My ankle was fused and straightened in Oct 2012 and I have a straight foot for the first time in 40 years and it is pain free. What more can I say?

Mr J Tennant May 2013

My daughter was anxious about the prospect of an operation but Mr Uglow soon gained her confidence by his professional, friendly manner. The operation went better than we dared for and Mr Uglow managed to remove the small benign tumour using a non-invasive approach. Mr Uglow’s expertise meant my daughter’s recovery was rapid and she was soon up on her feet and pain free.

I have already recommended Mr Uglow to a friend whose son suffered a sporting injury and I would have no hesitation in recommending him again in the future.

Mrs S Mathieson June 2013

I am writing to say ‘thank you’ to you and your team for the expert care and advice I received during my various consultations and subsequent operation to remove a bunion and fuse my large toe.

Your surgical skills were evident when I was able to stop taking drugs for pain relief seven days after surgery and now 10 weeks later I an doing everything I did before – walking, gardening, housework etc. – but without any pain!

Mrs M Harris, Southampton


I have been under the care of Mr Uglow for several years.  I was born with a club foot and I had surgery as a baby to correct this as much as possible.  Up until the age of about 18 I managed very well but then started to develop a lot of pain and stiffness in my foot and the structure of my foot was changing shape.  It was unpleasant and restricted a lot of my day to day activities.

On several occasions I mentioned the pain/stiffness I was suffering to the consultant I had at that time but I was told that there was nothing that could be done to help me.  At the age of 22 yrs (2004) I decided to look elsewhere and came across information about Mr Uglow.  I had several consultations with him and the options available to me were explained.

In 2004 Mr Uglow carried out extensive reconstruction surgery on my foot in two separate operations which was followed by physiotherapy to help me walk on my ‘newly structured foot’.  SInce then I have had a few steroid injections into the ankle joint to keep pain to a minimum.

Since the operations the pain that I have in my right foot has reduced by about 80%, the stiffness has been reduced by about 90% and the new shape of my foot enables me to walk and balance much better.  I am incredibly grateful to Mr Uglow for his excellent care and help and I highly recommend him as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

Jessica Bogris, Hampshire

As a child I injured one of my big toes and over the years it became arthritic causing difficulty walking and wearing shoes.

By 2002 things had deteriorated to the point where I had to seek specialist advice and following a referral came under the care of Mr Uglow.  When we first met I was very nervous about any procedures being carried out but Mr Uglow quickly put me at ease and explained all the options in every day terms. He advised me to think about all the options and to call him any time if I needed further advice on any aspect of the treatment.

I was offered a full replacement toe joint and was able to choose a time to be admitted to hospital that was suitable for me.  The replacement joint has been very successful and allows me to walk well and to wear shoes without pain.

Over all this time I have had regular follow up consultations with Mr Uglow and he is always willing to take time to explain the latest position and to discuss any concerns or problems.

I would trust him completely to carry out any procedure with confidence.

Mrs B Miles, Portsmouth

I became a patient of Mr Michael Uglow in November 2007, when a condition of tibialis posterior tendon rupture was diagnosed. Surgery to my left foot followed a few weeks later and subsequently to my right foot in October 2008.

Words cannot describe my elation in having regained the use of my feet!! From the initial consultation to inpatient procedures and follow up visits it was always very reassuring to have Mr Uglow’s rare combination of professionalism and friendliness.

I was unfortunate enough to suffer a setback during my recovery, but both myself and my long suffering husband (who was of course my carer) found comfort, not only in the expertise but the compassion and concern shown by Mr Uglow.  I would at this point like to mention the nursing staff at the Spire Southampton Hospital to whom I shall also be eternally grateful for their kindness and care.

It has been a privilege to have been treated by Mr Uglow.  Without such advanced surgical procedures discomfort and suffering were the only options. I sincerely hope that many more of you will be able to benefit in the future.

Mrs J Underhill, Hampsire

For some considerable time I had suffered pain in both the left and right big toe joints and they were both greatly enlarged.  The only improvement suggested to me had been fusion of the joints but then fortunately I heard about Mr Mike Uglow. I was recommended to him by a friend whose surgery had been very successful, so I arranged a consultation.  X-rays showed that the problem was arthritis and time was spent discussing treatments available. Everything was fully explained to me including hospital procedures and post-operative treatment.

I eventually decided to opt for a replacement of the left big toe in October 2005. I would describe this as having a small ball and socket replacement made from ceramic and at that time was a relatively new procedure.  At the beginning of 2008 I decided to have the right toe done and this time I had  a metal screw type replacement – I have no idea how it works but work it does!  The scars have all but disappeared and both operations have been successful.  They have given me increased movement in both joints which are now pain free.  I can now wear pretty , fashionable shoes!

Throughout both procedures Mr Uglow and his team have shown me excellent care and attention and I thank him personally for giving me the confidence to go ahead with this surgery.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Mrs C Barge, Hampshire

I have been a patient of Mr Uglow since the day that the twin towers in New York were attacked, although I would point out there is no connection! Due to a number of difficulties I have had several operations to correct problems with my toes and I have always been treated professionally and with great kindness and support. Appointments have been arranged with the minimum of waiting and hospital admissions as planned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Uglow to any person experiencing foot problems.

Miss J Knight, Portsmouth