Forefoot Surgery

Post Operative Program for Forefoot Surgery (except 1st MTP fusion)


Day 1

Mobilise heel weight bearing in protective heeled shoe
Active ankle dorsiflexion (foot up) and plantar flexion (foot down) exercise frequently
Active subtalar movements (foot turned in & out) frequently
Elevate foot above hip height when resting

Week 1

Crutches as required for protected weight bearing
Ankle and subtalar movements to continue regularly
Elevate foot above hip height when resting
Do not allow foot to hang down when resting

Week 2-6

Increase active mobilisation, walking on heel using the protective shoe at all times Gentle active movements of the big toe joint, protecting the first metatarsal with manual support

Week 6-

If bones are united (X-ray taken at outpatient visit) mobilise without protective shoe increasing the weight taken through the front of the foot

Weeks 9-

More normal activity to resume including light exercise

Wounds and dressings:

Week 1-2

Leave theatre dressings unless heavily soiled
First outpatient visit (1 week post op) remove dressings and trim or remove sutures

Bath or shower permitted 10 days after surgery

Week 4

Remove any toe wires
Swelling may persist for between 8 & 12 weeks