Post Operative Program for Cheilectomy


Week 1

Elevate foot above hip height when resting

Mobilise heel weight bearing to the bathroom

Move ankle up and down and foot in and out frequently during the day

Week 2

Continue as for Day 1 above

In addition start to move toes up and down, including big toe

Foot is to be kept dry at all times during the first 2 weeks

At about 2 weeks after surgery the wound will be checked and the stitch ends trimmed

Weeks 3-6

Increase the amount of walking around as comfort allows

Actively move the big toe joint to maximise movement and prevent stiffness.  Hold your foot with the opposite hand. Place your thumb on top of your foot at the end of the scar nearest the ankle and place  your fingers under the foot.  With the other hand hold the toe between finger and thumb and move it up and down.  This will be uncomfortable but needs to be done to prevent stiffness

You can swim if desired.  Other light non impact exercise can be introduced once the foot becomes comfortable.

Week 6-

You will be seen in clinic to check on recovery

The foot will continue to improve over many months and may not be completely better for over 6 months