Ankle Arthroscopy

Post operative program for Ankle Arthroscopy


Day 1

Mobilise weight bearing as tolerated with crutches.

Gentle active ankle dorsiflexion (foot up) and plantar flexion (foot down) exercises

Gentle active subtalar movements (foot turned in & out)

Frequent toe extension and flexion exercises

Elevate foot above hip height when resting

Week 1

Crutches as required for protected weight bearing

Ankle and subtalar movements to continue regularly

Elevate foot above hip height when resting

Do not allow foot to hang down when resting

Week 2

Increase active exercises

Walking to increase gradually

Week 3

Once stitches are removed build up walking and start swimming and cycling

Weeks 4 – 8

More normal activity to resume building up level of exercise

Wounds and dressings:

Day 1

Reduce wool & crepe dressing, re-cover wounds as required. Apply tubigrip

Week 2

First outpatient visit (10–14 days post op) remove dressings and sutures (bath or shower now permitted)

Swelling may persist for between 6 & 12 weeks