Morton’s Neuroma Surgery

  • You have been diagnosed as having a Morton’s neuroma or dysfunction.  This is a swelling on a digital nerve or scarring within and around the nerve.
  • The most effective way of treating this problem is with surgery to remove the nerve.  This removes the problem but also leaves numbness along the adjacent surfaces of the toes that the nerve supplies.  This is well tolerated and rarely causes a problem to patients.
  • Surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthetic as a day case procedure.  A tourniquet is applied to the leg and this is most uncomfortable if only local anaesthetic is used.
  • The operation leaves a scar on the top surface of the foot approximately 4 cm in length.  Healing in this part of the foot is usually good and scars well.
  • The foot is dressed with a bandage after surgery.  This is reduced the following morning to a dressing and elastic stocking.
  • You will be seen in clinic at 2 weeks post operatively for the wound healing to be checked.
  • You can walk on the heel of the foot initially and soon after, depending on the level of pain, you will be able to take weight through the front of the foot.  Discomfort will persist for about 8 weeks but on occasion this may last longer.  There may be swelling in the front of the foot lasting for up to 12 weeks, but usually less.
  • The end point of recovery may be several months after surgery.  Function is invariably good even if some discomfort persists for longer than average.