Cavus Foot Surgery

 Information about the condition

You have been advised to have surgery on your foot to correct a high arch, known also as a Cavus foot.  There are many different smaller procedures that can be used to correct this deformity and often more than one or even several of these may be used at the same operation.  Below are the main principles that will apply to your operation.

In hospital

  • The procedure will correct the high arch of your instep
  • You are likely to have more than one scar
  • The operation will often involve surgery on the tendons as well as bones of your foot
  • It is common to need a bone graft procedure.  This involves taking a wedge shape of bone from your pelvis and inserting this into a cut in one of the bones in the middle of the foot. You may prefer to use an alternative type of bone graft, either synthetic or cadaveric.
  • The pelvis can be reasonably painful after the operation but appropriate pain relief will be given to you using a syringe driver which continuously drips local anaesthetic into the wound for 24-48 hours.


  • Gauze under the cast


  • Below the knee plaster slab for 2 weeks, then
  • Full cast below the knee for 4 more weeks, then either:
    • another cast for a further 6 weeks, or
    • a removable boot. This is worn to protect while walking but can be removed to allow movement and physiotherapy to occur.

Weight bearing (WB)

  • You will be Non WB for 2 weeks after surgery, then
  • Touch WB for 4 weeks, then
  • Increasing to Full WB from 6 weeks
  • You will therefore need to use aids such as crutches, a frame or wheelchair

Time off school/work

  • You will require at least 2 weeks off school, possibly 4 weeks.
  • Time off work will depend on the job. Manual work or that which involves much time on feet will require 3-4 months off work. Sedentary employment can be commenced from 4 weeks.

General advice

  • Physiotherapy will be required to aid rehabilitation
  • The end point of recovery is usually about 9 months after surgery although function will be good for the last 5 months or so
  • The majority of patients undergoing this type of surgery have a good result and are pleased with the outcome